Scooter3 What Weather conditions can I use the scooter in?

Our scooters can be used in all weather conditions excluding snow/ice.

Scooter3 What If I have reserved the scooter for a time period, and decide I want it longer?

If you decide that you want the scooter longer than your original reservation, please contact us as soon as possible to check availability. If you are thinking about having a mobility scooter of your own , we can easily make it happen; you can order to buy one directly from our website and it will be delivered to your door. Also, we’ll waive the weekly rental fee.

Scooter3 Can I transport the scooter myself?

Yes. Our scooters do break down to separate minor parts but if that seems an issue, a ramp with a platform is available to place the scooter into the receiver of your car.  Also, you can choose to rent a transformer scooter that folds to the size of a medium suitcase.

Scooter3 I do not know how to operate a scooter, but want to rent one.

Our scooters are very easy to operate, and simple instructions are provided with every rental.

Scooter3 Can I fit the scooter in my car?

We do have scooters that will fit into your car. Arrangements for these scooters must be noted at the time of reservation.

Scooter3 Am I required to have the scooter fully charged at the time of return?

You are not required to have the scooter batteries charged at the time of return.

Scooter3 Do you have a small trouble shooting section online, and/or phone # I can call for questions if my scooter does not work?

We are available by phone (207-650-1397, 207-805-4043) or online for any questions you may have regarding the operation of your scooter.

Scooter3 Would my vehicle be required to have special equipment to transport the scooter?


Scooter3 What if I want to leave the scooter to shop in a store,  or for some other reason?

All of our scooters require a key for operation, so there is no need to worry if you need to leave the scooter to shop, or for some other reason. You can just take the key with you.

Scooter3 Can I charge the batteries myself? And how is it done?

The scooter batteries can easily be charged by plugging the provided cord into any wall outlet. Easy instructions will be provided with all rentals.

Scooter3 What if I buy items, or want to carry my small pet with me?

Most of our scooters have baskets attached.

Scooter3 Can I bring my scooter to my hotel room?

Our scooters are designed so that they can be brought into your hotel room, or other buildings.

Scooter3 If scooter is damaged what is my liability?

You are responsible for damage caused by misuse. Please review our Terms and Conditions Agreement.

Scooter3 Can I buy one of your scooters?

Yes, you can buy the Transformer Scooter from us. You can try one for a week. If you decide you like it and want to buy one, we’ll waive the weekly rental fee and a new scooter will be delivered to your door. Also, you can order to buy one directly from our website. Our rental scooters are not for sale.

Scooter3 What kind of surfaces can I drive on?

Our scooters can be used on most hard surfaces, grass, pavement, nature trails, etc.

Scooter3 What do I do if the scooter breaks down?

If your scooter stops working, call the phone number provided with the instructions (207-650-1397, 207-805-4034).

Scooter3 I have my own scooter, and need it transported. Do you do this?

We only transport our own scooters.

Scooter3 Would you provide repairs to my own scooter?

We only repair our own scooters.

Scooter3 Will the scooter fit through doors (dimensions)?

Our scooters are designed to fit easily through doors.

Scooter3 How long will the scooter operate with a fully charged battery?

Our scooters will operate for up to 6 hours with fully charged batteries.

Scooter3 How long does it take to fully charge the batteries?

It takes 8 hours to fully charge the batteries.

Scooter3 Can I control the speed?

You can control the speed of the scooter with a dial adjustment.

Scooter3 What kind of scooter will I receive?

The type of your rental scooter may vary depending on availability at the time of your reservation and a special need you may have.

Scooter3 What is the weight capacity of the scooter?

We have a variety of scooters available,  and any special needs must be noted at the time of reservation.

Scooter3 I am a travel agent. Can I book your services for my clients?

We welcome any inquiries by travel agents, and would ask that you contact us by phone or online for booking.

Scooter3 I am heavier than the average person. Will the equipment be suitable for my needs?

Yes! We have equipment suitable for the needs of heavier customers, where regular equipment would not be suitable. Call us at 207-650-1397 or 207-805-4043 and let us know what you need – and we’ll do our best to help.

Scooter3 If I purchase a scooter from Scoot Through Maine where can I have it serviced?

We provide service to all scooters sold in our service area.

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